IPJJ - Interagency Panel on Juvenile Justice


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Detention / Deprivation of liberty

A child is deprived of liberty when he or she is placed in any form of detention or imprisonment in a public or private setting, from which the child is not permitted, by order of any competent authority, to leave at will. This includes any form of residential placement including police lock-ups, training schools, borstal institutions, treatment centers, reform schools, education and reeducation centres, remand homes, training centers, specific juvenile facilities, or adult correction facilities, including high-security institutions.


Diversion means channelling children in conflict with the law away from judicial proceedings through the development and implementation of procedures or programmes that enable to avoid the potential negative effects of formal judicial proceedings, provided that human rights and legal safeguards are fully respected. A child is diverted when he or she is in conflict with the law but has their case resolved through alternatives. Diversion may involve measures based on the principles of restorative justice.